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Teaching in China

Earn between 1200$- 2000$ / month
No previous experience needed
We provide apartment and support
English speaking staff
The adventure of a lifetime
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Travel & make money

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Teach English in China - "The adventure of a lifetime!"

We help you to connect to a school, arrange a place to stay and everything you need to feel safe on your journey and get a good start.
China's booming economy is demanding huge numbers of native English speakers for its population of 1.4 Billion people and they don't require professional teachers right now. Most prices is far lower than what we are used to so your teaching salary last longer and you have a chance to save much more money compared to the states.

Teach English in China, Travel and earn money
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"My friends are envious that I can work and travel at the same time..."
Nichole Williamson
"Love my time in school, so many friends..."
"Most fun thing I have done in my life..."
Julia Montez
"Was surprised to find out that I liked teaching, didn't see myself doing that, but I love it..."
Bob Smith

You may be guessing or amazed at how fast this type of job is becoming popular amongst foreigners, well you are in luck. China has long been one of the few countries that act as a destination for teaching English abroad. You have probably heard in recent years that people have been traveling to China to teach English. In many parts of the world, English teachers are in high demand but most particularly in China. It is more popular in China because their middle class is rapidly growing which means most people have disposable income. In this case, most of the citizens are looking to improve their lives as well as their children’s live hence the need to learn English which will open many doors for them especially in the Western world. Asides from the fact that they want to improve their lives, some affluent Chinese citizens learn English for luxury so that when they travel outside of their country, they can actually use their English skills. The thing is that there are many places where you can teach English in China apart from the popular ones you hear that may include typical schools, international schools, after school programs, language schools and also teaching of business professionals working in Chinese companies. One thing is certain and that is the fact that as a Native English Speaker, you are definitely and highly sought after.

The thing is that they actually have local Chinese teachers who speak the English language fluently but you will find that most schools are specifically looking for native English speakers. The reason why teaching English in China is so popular and why they require native speakers to do it is that with native speakers, they get things like pronunciation correctly. Even proficient Chinese English teachers can trouble with the pronunciations. Native speakers know how to teach slangs and can even teach the students other ways of speaking English fluently. In the past, it was quite difficult for tourists to come to China but recently, it has opened its doors to more tourists. A very good benefit of teaching in China is that you get the opportunity to travel to the country and enjoy the country. As a foreigner, once you live in China, you will have the chance to see and experience the culture yourself. It will no longer be the view you had of it in the news but a totally different view once you start to experience the traditional sense of the locals around you.

You may be wanting to know how much you can earn as an English teacher in China, well here is a brief explanation to take home. One thing you have to understand is the fact that even with the competition, China still needs more English teachers. The good news is that the competition doesn’t really affect the salary, schools in China offer healthy salaries to their teachers. It doesn’t just end there, asides from the salaries, they provide other benefits such as furnished apartments, insurance and paid holidays, sometimes even free airfare.  You may not earn as much as you do in your country but considering the fact that China has a low cost of living, this means that you can afford living here and still have savings. As a school teacher especially in public schools, it means you are working for the government so it will require about 16 to 25 hours per week earning about 900 to 1600 dollars.  Sometimes, private institutions offer more options and flexible work hours but be sure that you will be expected to work about 25 to 35 hours weekly with salary of about $1200 to $2000. The most important thing you have to know about their salaries is that because foreign English teachers especially those Native English teacher are in high demand, you will expect to earn a very decent amount of money that you can use to take care of yourself and still have a lot to save.

Basically, you need to understand that as a foreigner and native English speaker, you have a better chance of getting a job as an English teacher, a chance to travel around Asia, enjoy the country while making money and still gain other benefits from the schools that employ you.